Nail Treatments

Nail Treatments

Jessica Geleration

Gel polish fingers or toes £27.50
Gel polish infill fingers or toes £22.50
Mini manicure with Gel polish £40.00
Mini pedicure with Gel polish £45.00
Add Swarovski Crystals detail (per toe-nail, prices from:) £3.50
Removal of Gel polish alone (fingers/toes) £8.00
Removal of Gel polish when taken with above treatment £3.50


Backscratchers Nails

Full set of glass glaze tips £39.50

A natural looking artificial nail that is wafer thin, yet strong and more flexible than acrylics.

Full set of Glass glaze wraps £39.50

A wrap to extend or mend your own natural nail with an almost invisible fibreglass cover.

Extreme powder system £39.50

A tip and dip system, in a fine acrylic dust. Is also water thin and flexible. Available in white, pearl and natural tips.

Refills for tips, wraps or extreme system £24.00

Refill the areas around the cuticle where there is growth and the fibreglass or
powder has grown along the natural nail. Includes two new nails or any repairs. It is recommended to have this treatment every two weeks to keep them looking their best.

Tidy £12.00

File and shape the nail and seal any lifted areas followed by a varnish.



Fingers re-varnish £8.00
Toes re-varnish £10.00
Toe nail file and varnish £12.50
Finger nails file and varnish £10.00
Full Toes £22.00
Nail art (from) £0.50

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